Vieille Pierre is a dynamic company wich since 1999 are specialized in the reconstituted stone, and a trade mark with the INPI.

All our articles manufactured in an artisanal way,according to a tecique wich enables us to abtain an exceptional quality, for one are made single, with the undeniable values esthetics. According to the study that we carried out, all our products resist freezing until -40°C.

Our know-how and the technical which we developed makes it possible us to produce within very fast times and very good report/ratio quality/price. With an output of 3000 tons per annum, for a catalogue of 600 references, Vieille Pierre positions thus like a leader on the European market.

For each model, we can produce specific colors, at the request of the customer, without incidence on the manufacturing lead times. The articles of Vieille Pierre a profit from a first patina, applied by our care, and with time the natural patina confers on our products one esthetic quality as beautiful as natural, without deteriorating the quality of the stone.

Vieille Pierre, it is quality made with the hand, returned more beautiful stones and an authorizing us the best time.

Volcano Asención in Ometepe, Nicaragua.